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In 2011, what had been the association's annual book prize was changed to a newly named and reconfigured OUTSTANDING SCHOLARSHIP PRIZE, to better reflect and recognize the variety of work produced by Women's and Gender Studies practitioners, and to respond to issues raised in the judging of this prize. This prize is now awarded to a monograph, an edited collection, or a significant documentary film. Winners of this award receive a $200.00 prize, in addition to travel money (up to a specific amount) for the winner(s) to travel to the WGSRF conference and the Awards ceremony. 

The NEW CRITERIA for this prize are as follows:​ 

  • Nominations will include monographs, edited collections, or significant documentary films in English or French published/released in the previous year;
  • The award will recognize work produced by Canadian scholars/filmmakers, work published or produced by Canadian presses/film production agencies; or work on Canadian topics;
  • Nominations can be submitted by publishers/media distributors or by WGSRF members;
  • The deadline for nominations will be in the Fall (see the Call for Nominations for details) to encourage nominations from the membership;
  • WGSRF members cannot nominate their own publication/documentary film in which they have a financial or other stake;
  • In order to be considered, the author/filmmaker must be a WGSRF member in good standing and a member in good standing in the year that the prize is received;
  • The assessment criteria will remain the same; i.e. relevance to Women’s and Gender Studies as a discipline; currency of subject matter to debates/developments in the field; quality of style, presentation, research, and methodology; and originality;
  • The selection committee will be a peer review process among WGSRF members in good standing;
  • At least two members of the WGSRF Outstanding Scholarship Committee must have oral and reading comprehension skills in French;
  • The Executive will be charged with developing an electronic form to recognize scholarly achievements of all association members.


In 2002 the (then) CWSA/ACÉF introduced an annual book prize competition, awarded to a monograph published in the previous year, in either English or French, as selected by a committee of 3-5 members. In the years since implementing this award, between 8-18 books have been nominated each year. Nominations are solicited from both association members and from publishers. Award winners originally received a complimentary registration to the conference, a plaque, and a year's subscription to Atlantis at the awards ceremony during the annual conference. 

Award Recipients

2017-2018 University of Regina, Regina, SK
Tanya Narozhna and W. Andy Knight, Female Suicide Bombings: A Critical Gender Approach, University of Toronto Press, 2016.

Honourable Mentions
Caroline Shenaz Hossein, Politicized Microfinance: Money, Power, and Violence in the Black Americas, University of Toronto Press, 2016.
Jenny Ellison, Deborah McPhail, and Wendy Mitchinson, eds., Obesity in Canada: Critical Perspectives, University of Toronto Press, 2016.

2016-2017 Ryerson University, Toronto, ON
​Amber Dean (McMaster University). Remembering Vancouver's Disappeared Women: Settler Colonialism and the Difficulty of Inheritance. University of Toronto Press, 2015
Shawna Ferris (University of Manitoba). Street Sex Work and Canadian Cities: Resisting a Dangerous Order. University of Alberta Press, 2015.
Honourable Mention
Rebecca Jaremko Bromwich (Carleton University). Looking For Ashley: Re-reading What the Smith Case Reveals about the Governance of Girls, Mothers and Families in Canada. Demeter Press, 2015.

2015-2016: University of Calgary, Calgary, AB
Gada Mahrouse (Concordia University) Conflicted Commitments: Race, Privilege, and Power in Transnational Solidarity Activism.  McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2014.

Honourable Mentions:                                                                                                                     
Marnina Gonick (Mount Saint Vincent University) and Susanne Gannon (University of Western Sydney). Becoming Girl: Collective Biography and the Production of Girlhood. Women's Press, 2014. 

Julie Lavigne (Université du Québec à Montréal), La Traversée de la pornographie : politique et érotisme dans l'art féministe​. Éditions du Remue-ménage, 2014.

Sam McKegney (University of Manitoba), Masculindians: Conversations about Indigenous Manhood.  University of Manitoba Press, 2014.

2014-2015: University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON

May Friedman (Ryerson University), Mommyblogs and the Changing Face of Motherhood. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. 2013.
Heather Latimer (UBC), Reproductive Acts: Sexual Politics in North American Fiction & Film. McGill-Queen’s University Press. 2013.

2013-2014: Brock University, St Catharines, ON
Elizabeth Podnieks (Ryerson University), ed., Mediating Moms: Mothers in Popular Culture. McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2012.
Honourable Mention
Sharon Anne Cook (University of Ottawa), Sex, Lies, and Cigarettes: Canadian Women, Smoking, and Visual Culture, 1880-2000. McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2012.

2012- 2013: University of Victoria, Victoria, BC
Mary Louise Adams (Queen’s University), Artistic Impressions: Figure Skating, Masculinity and the Limits of Sport. University of Toronto Press, 2011.
Honourable Mention
Denise Spitzer (University of Ottawa), ed., Engendering Migrant Health: Canadian Perspectives. University of Toronto Press, 2011.

2011-2012: Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON
Cheryl Suzack, Shari M. Huhndorf, Jeanne Perreault, and Jean Barman, eds. Indigenous women and feminism: politics, activism, culture. UBC Press, 2010

Honourable Mention
Sheila L. Cavanagh. Queering Bathrooms: Gender, Sexuality, and the Hygienic Imagination. University of Toronto Press, 2010.

2010-11: University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB
Amani Hamdan. Muslim Women Speak: A Tapestry of Lives and Dreams. Women's Press, 2009.

Honourable Mention
Lara Campbell. Respectable Citizens: Gender, Family, and Unemployment in Ontario's Great Depression. University of Toronto Press, 2009.

2009-10: Concordia University, Montreal, QC
Liz Millward. Women in British Imperial Airspace, 1922-1937. McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2008.

Honourable Mention
Morgan Holmes, Intersex: A Perilous Difference. Susquehanna Press, 2008.

2008-09: Carleton University, Ottawa, ON
Norman Smith. Resisting Manchukuo: Chinese Women Writers and the Japanese Occupation. UBC Press, 2007.

Honourable mention
Sheila Cavanagh. Sexing the Teacher: School Sexual Scandals and Queer Pedagogies. UBC Press, 2007

2007-08: University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
Sheryl Nestel. Obstructed Labour: Race and Gender in the Re-emergence of Midwifery. UBC Press 2006.

Honourable Mentions
1) Shahnaz Khan. Transnational Feminism and the Moral Regulation of Pakistani Women. UBC Press, 2006

2) Leslie Ann Jeffrey and Gayle MacDonald. Talk Back: Sex Workers in the Maritimes. UBC Press, 2006

2006-07: University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK
Abigail Bakan and Daiva Stasiulis. Negotiating Citizenship: Migrant Women in Canada and the Global System. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2005

2005-06: York University, Toronto, ON
Wendy McKeen. Money in Their Own Name: the Feminist Voice in Poverty Debate in Canada, 1970-1995.  University of Toronto Press, 2004

2004-05: University of Western Ontario, London, ON
Ann Porter. Gendered States: Women, Unemployment Insurance and the Political Economy of the Welfare State in Canada. University of Toronto Press, 2003

2003-04: University of Manitoba
Aysan Sev'er. Fleeing the House of Horrors: Women Who have Left Abusive Partners. University of Toronto Press, 2002

2002-03: Dalhousie University (awards ceremony held at Mount Saint Vincent University), Halifax, NS
Annis May Timpson. Driven Apart: Women's Employment Equality and Child Care in Canadian Public Policy. UBC Press, 2001