Membership Information

Individual Membership

Professional Membership: 1 year $75 (base membership) with optional Conference Travel Fund as able (suggested amounts $30, $70, $130, $280).

  • Faculty members with full university appointments are encouraged to voluntarily increase their membership fee by giving to the Conference Travel Fund. These additional funds will allow WGSRF to better respond to rising conference fees, expand the services we offer to graduate students, and begin to create a surplus for such projects as a rotating post-doc award to support smaller programs.

Associate Membership: 1 year $25

  • For contract instructors, community members or retired members or those with a low income.

Student or Unwaged: 1 year $15


Institutional Membership

  • Small institution or program $75 (or $200 for 3 years)
  • Medium size institution or program $125 (or $350 for 3 years)
  • Large institution or program $200 (or $575 for 3 years)