Important Announcement Re: Congress Participation 2021 


The Executive of Women’s & Gender Studies et Recherches Féministes (WGSRF) would like to express our unequivocal support of the Black Canadian Studies Association (BCSA) in their decision to withdraw from Congress 2021 as outlined in their public statements of February 9th and 20th of this year. While the Federation has now begun to address some of the requests made by BSCA, there continues to be a critical need for the Federation to demonstrate accountability and action to address anti-Black racism both within the organization itself and academic contexts more broadly. We look forward to reading the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Equity, Diversity Inclusion, and Decolonization.

In solidarity with our colleagues in BCSA, the WGSRF Executive has unanimously agreed to withdraw from Congress 2021 and offer an alternative conference this year. More details on the alternative conference will be shared with the WGSRF membership as soon as the necessary arrangements can be made.