Concordia University
Program Name: The Simone de Beauvoir Institute
Programs offered:

  • BA Major in Women’s Studies
  • BA Specialization in women’s Studies
  • Minor in Women’s studies
  • Certificate in Women’s studies
  • Minor in Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality

·         Description:  Women’s Studies is about examining the role of women in society both today and in the past, and recognizing their contributions to human achievement. You’ll learn to see women’s experiences through the lens of gender, race, class and sexual orientation. Study and research in Women's Studies adds an otherwise missing component to traditional scholarship. Women's Studies is also a way of moving away from the discriminatory language of race, sex, age, language or religion.Offered through the Simone de Beauvoir Institute, the program is the oldest women’s studies program in Canada, and boasts a curriculum that explores historical and contemporary aspects of women’s oppression and resistance, including the experiences of marginalized women. You’ll also examine media representations of women and consumer culture, participate in Institute-sponsored lectures and develop initiatives that promote equality and social justice for all

McGill University
Program Name: Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies (IGSF)
Programs offered:

  • Major
  • Minor
  • Honours
  • Joint Honours
  • Graduate Program

·         Description:  The Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies (IGSF) supports cutting-edge research, teaching and outreach activities in gender, sexuality and feminist studies. We aim to produce knowledge that is accessible to the public and in dialogue with our local communities, and we are committed to creating a more just, equal, responsive and creative world. Our undergraduate teaching program in Gender, Sexuality, Feminist and Social Justice Studies trains students in critical, intersectional and transnational approaches to study. We also support the interdisciplinary Graduate Option in Gender and Women’s Studies, which offers graduate training in gender studies and feminist theories, methods and research.  Through community and university partnerships, we host public events, symposia, lectures, and a speaker series on a range of topics. Thanks to the generosity of donors, we support student internships in gender, sexuality and feminist studies, fund student awards on community service and academic excellence, host visiting professorsfrom around the world, and organize public events and workshops on a number of issues, from current struggles for justice to emergent research methodologies and advocacy in the field. The Institute also gratefully acknowledges support from the Dean of Arts and its other institutional benefactors.

Universite du Quebec a Montreal
Program Name: Certificat en études féministes
Programs offered: Certificat en études féministes

  • Description: The main objective of the Certificate in Feminist Studies is to offer a multidisciplinary training that allows the acquisition of theoretical and applied knowledge on women, feminisms and social relations of sex. This program has the following objectives: to update knowledge on the major trends in feminist thought and their impact on social movements; introduction to a multidisciplinary approach to the social relations of sex and their transformation in culture and society; critical reflection on the theoretical, epistemological and methodological contributions of feminist studies in different disciplines; skill development in feminist analysis and criticism of social, political, economic and cultural discourses and practices; developing skills to think about innovative policies and practices in gender equality and the transformation of representations and relationships between men and women.
  • Department: ?? French

Dawson College
Program Name: Women and Gender Studies
Programs offered: Certificate in WGS

  • Description: Enrolling in a Women’s/Gender Studies certificate program gives you access to courses that keep women’s and gender issues in mind while engaging in the course material.
    Courses offered may address: women’s experiences throughout history and in many cultures, constructions and representations of gender in the media, sexual identities, community and cultural perspectives of gender, women’s history and the politics of feminism.
  • Department: Coordinator  Kim Simard