Brock University
Program: Centre for Women and Gender Studies
Program offered: BA in WGS, BA in WGS/Social Service Worker Diploma (Mohawk College), Minor in WGS, Certificate in WGS
·         Description: Our programs are relevant to a variety of careers and will provide you with a unique perspective on the complex ways identity and power relations shape our society. Students in Women’s and Gender Studies are invited to develop a critical awareness of how gender, race, indigeneity, class and sexuality intersect and affect cultural expression, human interaction, ecological systems and power relations for both men and women. Our focus is on the transnational feminist exploration of the ways gender intersects with different variables to produce the complexity of women’s and men’s lived experience. Our courses are open to all students at Brock University, allowing students to explore the ways gendered experience is produced as a culturally variable and historically contingent category.

 Carleton University
Program: Women’s and Gender Studies
Programs offered:

·         Description: The Pauline Jewett Institute of Women’s and Gender Studies was established in 1987.  The Institute fosters research and study, sponsors workshops and speakers, and promotes discussion and debate on women’s issues among faculty and students across the campus

Lakehead University
Program: Women’s Studies
Program offered:

  • HBA (Women's Studies and English)
  • HBA (Gerontology and Women's Studies)
  • HBA (History and Women's Studies)
  • HBA (Indigenous Learning and Women's Studies)
  • HBA (Psychology and Women's Studies)
  • HBA (Specialized Honours in Psychology) with Major Concentration in Women's Studies
  • HBA (Sociology and Women's Studies)
  • HBSW with Concentration in Women's Studies
  • BA (Women's Studies)/HBOR
  • BA/Bed
  • HBA/Bed

·         Description: The field of Women’s Studies has transformed dramatically since its introduction to Lakehead University in 1990. Our Department of Women’s Studies takes an interdisciplinary approach to feminism. Our faculty members are prominent in the fields of feminist legal studies, women’s health, queer studies, cultural and new media studies and teach related courses that easily springboard our students into the Masters of Social Justice and related postgraduate programs, law schools across Canada, midwifery, policing, and many others.

Thorneloe University
Program: Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality studies
Program offered:
• 3 or 4 year B.A. with a Minor in Women’s and Gender Studies
• 3 or 4 year B.A. with a Minor in Critical Sexuality Studies
• 3-year B.A. with a Concentration or Minor in Women’s and Gender Studies
• 4-year B.A. with a Major or Concentration in Women’s and Gender Studies
• Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies, either independently or while completing another degree program outside the Humanities and Social Sciences
• Single elective courses while completing another degree program
• A variety of courses in English and French and the possibility of completing a 3-year B.A. through our distance education program

  • Description: Discover the rich history of women’s and gender studies, a program that, since the 1970s, has been examining and researching the experiences of women and the development of feminist ideas. The fields of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies have evolved to take up social justice issues and contemporary inequities, making this an important field of study. WGSX is explored through scholarly research that can be found in literature, psychology, science, history, and much more.
  • Department: Chair Jennifer Johnson  Tel: (705) 673- 1730 x601 Email: jljohnson@laurentian.ca
  • http://www.thorneloe.ca/programs/womens-gender-sexuality-studies

McMaster University
Program: Gender Studies and Feminist Research
Program offered: Graduate Program, M.A Program, Minor in Women’s Studies

  • Description: Gender Studies & Feminist Research at McMaster is an exciting new interdisciplinary program.  We accept students from a wide variety of backgrounds who are interested in the study of gender, sexuality, and feminism.  All our students receive funding, including a teaching assistanship and scholarship money.  Our core course, “Knowledge in Action” includes working with local community organizations.  The research symposium brings internationally, nationally, and locally known scholars and activists to campus for lectures and seminars.  GSFR is a new, dynamic program, with small enough student numbers to ensure that everyone receives personal mentoring.
  • Department: Coordinator Lorraine Bell Tel: (905) 525- 9140 x 23112 Email: Lorraine.bell@mcmaster.ca
  • http://gsfr.mcmaster.ca/

Nipissing University
Program: Gender Equality and Social Justice
Program offered: Honours Specialization, Specialization, Major, Minor, Bachelor of Education with Honors Specialization
·         Description: Do you want to make the world a more just and better place? Are you passionate about issues like human rights violations, sexism, racism, homophobia, and poverty? Would you like to understand these issues better? Then the Gender Equality and Social Justice (GESJ) program is for you. GESJ is an interdisciplinary program with courses in the areas of Culture and Criticism, Power and Inequality, and Human Rights and Social Justice. We ask how race, class, colonialism, ability, sex, and gender intersect in everyday acts of power, oppression, activism, and resistance. This program will provide you with highly transferrable skills in critical thinking, research, writing, argumentation, analysis, and communication. As one of few programs of its kind in Canada, the GESJ program will teach you to think critically about who has the power in the world, and why, as well as how to resist, shape, and change power for social justice. This program is highly interdisciplinary with close links to Social Welfare and Social Development, Religions and Cultures, Political Science, and Philosophy, and is designed for those with interests in critical studies of popular culture; the politics of resisting inequality through the law; globalization and human rights; violent conflict and international justice; transnational organizing for social justice; histories of colonization; feminist philosophies; postmodernism; theories of justice; and the intersections of race, class, ability, sex and gender. Students of the GESJ Department will receive a broad liberal education in Humanities and Social Sciences. Through a range of interdisciplinary perspectives, you will examine the social and cultural constructions of gender, sexuality, race and class, and how these social categories relate to our knowledge, experience, relationships and the quality of our lives.

 Queens University
Program: Department of Gender Studies
Programs offered:


  • Description: The Department of Gender Studies is committed to interdisciplinary, historical and transnational research and teaching grounded in feminist, anti-racist, Indigenous, postcolonial, queer, trans, and social justice studies. Gender Studies at Queen’s is distinguished by the central place that critical race frameworks occupy within our degree programs. All our courses, across levels and topics, incorporate critical race analysis as part of an intersectional lens. Studentsfaculty, and staff within Gender Studies are also immersed in scholarship and activism across local, national, and global contexts. There are four central pillars undergirding our curriculum: feminist theories and methodologies; postcolonial, Indigenous and diasporic communities; activism, social justice and political economy; and representation, art and literatures
  • Department: Administrative Assistant Terrie Easter Sheen Tel: (613) 533- 6000 Email: terrie.eastersheen@queensu.ca
  • https://www.queensu.ca/gnds/

Trent University
Program: Gender and Women’s Studies
Program offered: A joint-major or single-major three-year General Bachelor of Arts degree, or four-year Honours degree in Gender and Women’s Studies, Minor in Gender and Women’s Studies
·         Description: Gender & Women’s Studies originated in the 1960s as a result of political critiques of the marginalization of important groups and perspectives within the educational system. Gender & Women’s Studies has since broadened, deepened, and has become an established scholarly field. Gender & Women’s Studies scholars explore gender relations and women’s experiences across cultures and nations, throughout history, and in contemporary societies. What unites Gender & Women’s Studies scholars is the shared understanding that gender relations shape every site of human interaction, from the very local, to the global. Hierarchical gender relations are understood in constant interaction with other important social, economic and cultural hierarchies, such as class, race, ability, and sexuality. As an interdisciplinary department, Gender & Women’s Studies draws on theoretical perspectives and methodologies from a wide range of fields such as History, Political Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, English, Indigenous Studies, and the Natural Sciences. Trent University’s approach to Gender & Women’s Studies combines theory with empirical research, encourages critical thinking, and aims to develop in students strong analytical, writing and communication skills.

University of Ottawa
Program: Institute of Feminist and Gender Studies
Programs offered:
o   Joint Honours in Criminology and Women's Studies

  • Joint Honours in Women's Studies and Political Science
  • Major in Women's Studies
  • Minor in Women's Studies
  • Joint Honours in Women's Studies and Sociology
  • MA (with or without thesis) in Women’s studies
  • Collaborative Program (speicialization) in Women’s Studies at the Masters level
  • PhD in Women’s Studies
  • Description: University of Ottawa has many joint women’s studies program such as joint honours in criminology and women’s studies, joint honours in women’s studies and political science, joint honours in women’s studies and sociology along with a major and minor in women’s studies.
  • Department:  Institute of Feminist and Gender Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences Tel: (613)- 562- 5791 Email: fem@uOttawa.ca
  • https://socialsciences.uottawa.ca/feminist-gender-studies/programs

University of Toronto
Program: Women and Gender Studies Institute
Program offered: Specialist, Major, and Minor, M.A Degree, Collaborative M.A and Ph.D Specialization, and a Ph.D degree
·         Description: For the past 40 years, we have trained students to think deeply about how gender and sexuality operate at the individual, interpersonal, institutional and global levels. Drawing from a range of disciplines such as history and literature, sociology and law, we enable students to answer urgent and complex questions, such as how militarization can constrict men’s aspirations for their lives, why there are income disparities between women and men, how sexual expression is scripted and can be re-scripted, and even what Lady Gaga could have in common with Shakespeare. In addition to training students to traverse the stanzas of a poem and a government report with equal care and skill in their quests, we also focus attention on matters of scale: when to aggregate and when to parse significant distinctions, how to think comparatively across space and time. The Women & Gender Studies Institute at the University of Toronto is distinctive for its transnational approach, critically addressing how national borders and nationalist discourses frame the constructions of gender and sexuality. We study the effects of migration, diaspora and wars on experiences of home and heritage, family, desire and selfhood. We provide students the conceptual tools to connect processes of imperialism and globalization with emergent economies and forms
of labor and consumption. Finally, we encourage students to reflect on the varied histories of feminism when framing their own activism in the present. Our graduates go on to do innovative work in the public service, creative, and corporate sectors, becoming everything from documentary film-makers to grassroots activists to policy analysts in economic development agencies. All of them draw on the critical lens they develop in this program, becoming part of a rich community of graduates who maintain their connections with one another, and who come back to the classroom where they once were students to share their experiences.

University of Toronto Mississauga
Program: Women’s and Gender Studies Program
Program offered: Major, Minor,

  • Description: Relations of gender affect every aspect of society. WGS provides a rich and complex understanding of the range of socially informed gendered experiences. The program seeks to foster feminist interdisciplinary and intersectional teaching, learning and research on gender worldwide by reaching across epistemological, analytical, and  theoretical divisions. In Women and Gender Studies at UTM, we foster innovative teaching and cutting-edge research by focusing on the formation of gender and its intersections with other relations of power, such as class, race, culture, ethnicity, religion, ability, age, sexuality, and nationality.   Our program is interdisciplinary and transnational in its scope, breadth and depth. We offer courses that explore women’s and men’s historical lives and contemporary gendered experiences from around the world and across cultures. Our program’s interdisciplinary focus can be carried into many academic and professional areas in Humanities, Social Sciences as well in science and technology. Students may choose a major or a minor in the program. At WGS our offerings include several core courses: each year we offer WGS101H, Introduction to Women and Gender Studies, and WGS200Y, Theories of Women and Gender Studies, which is a requirement for the major or minor. Other selections will vary from year to year. Students may also choose from a list of cross-listed courses from fields such as anthropology, art history, English and drama, history and classics, philosophy, psychology, religion and sociology.
  • Department: Program Director Joan Simulink Email: joan.simalchik@utoronto.ca
  • https://www.utm.utoronto.ca/women-studies/women-gender-studies

 University of Toronto Scarborough
Program: Women’s and Gender Studies
Programs offered: Arts- Major, Major (co-op), and Minor

  • Description: Women's and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary program that examines the development, transmission, and transformation of ideas and attitudes about women and gender across different historical periods, societies, and cultures. The program integrates theory and practice by introducing students to scholarship from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives and challenging them to work for change and equality in their communities and in their daily lives. The Women's and Gender Studies program at U of T Scarborough is unique in that it benefits from the interdisciplinary structure of the Department of Historical and Cultural Studies while also reaching further across disciplinary boundaries through its strong affiliation with the Social Sciences. Students will develop critical and analytic skills as thinkers, writers, and communicators that will shape their research and their ability to work on issues involving women and equity at the community level. The program at U of T Scarborough also emphasizes the diversity of women's lives and experiences globally, particularly in relation to differences in race, ethnicity, class, age, sexual orientation, and disability; the diversity of our student body greatly enriches our consideration of these issues
  • Website: https://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/hcs/womens-and-gender-studies

 University of Waterloo
Program: Women’s Studies
Program offered:


  • Description: Courses in Women's Studies provide valuable insights into critical gender relations in areas such as government, law, health care, leisure, education, religion and work. This broad-based approach to knowledge construction will allow you to apply your abilities in a wide-range of career choices in diverse areas such as Business, Criminology, Education, Engineering, Politics, Law, Medicine, Psychology, Recreation, and Social Work.
  • Director: Undergraduate Coordinator Tawnessa Carter 519-888-4567 x36886
  • https://uwaterloo.ca/womens-studies/about

 University of Western Ontario
Program: Department of Women’s Studies and Feminist Research
Programs offered:

·         Description: Women’s Studies is a dynamic and interdisciplinary field that focuses on issues of social justice and equality.  Our department’s expertise encapsulates a wide array of strengths across feminist theory and various feminist approaches to health studies, media studies, history, globalization and development studies, critical race theory, philosophy, law, writing studies and literature, and visual culture, as well as significant work in queer theory and sexuality studies. In our teaching and scholarship we aim to cultivate engaged, informed, socially conscious citizens, able to constructively address issues of oppression, systemic and institutional disadvantage, and structures of privilege—often invisible—in local and global society.  We provide our students with the analytical and practical tools that enable them to engage critically and responsibly with the world, to interact respectfully with others, and to pursue a variety of career paths. We are one of only a few units across the University recognized as a Department in both the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and the Faculty of Social Science. Further, we have a rich network of Affiliate faculty members appointed in many other departments across Western who are integral members of our learning community. We also promote feminist scholarship through provision for resident scholars, a Distinguished Speakers Series, faculty colloquia, annual conferences (including a graduate conference, and Flaunting It!, our annual undergraduate conference on gender and sexuality). We also have an active and lively Women’s Studies Students’ Collective, which organizes talks and social events and annually publishes selected undergraduate essays in Tulips.We offer degree modules in Women’s Studies, Feminist Theory, Sexuality Studies, Gender, Sexuality and Culture, as well as Masters and PhD programs.

University of Windsor
Program: Women’s and Gender Studies
Program offered:

·         Description: A deep understanding of women and gender relations is at the heart of all our programs—but the boundaries go well beyond. Women’s and Gender Studies courses are concerned with social justice in the broadest sense: students examine how race, social class, religion, sexuality, and gender shape society and culture in Canada and elsewhere. Women’s and Gender Studies is intellectually stimulating, personally fulfilling and practical. Whether you choose Women’s and Gender Studies on its own or in conjunction with another program, the skills and knowledge you gain will be valuable in workplaces where there is a need for employees who are informed, open-minded, and responsive to issues of equality, difference, and persity. 

Wilfrid Laurier University
Program Name: Women and Gender Studies
Programs offered: Honours BA in Women and Gender studies with another Honours BA program, Minor in WGS
·         Description: Laurier’s Women and Gender Studies program places questions of gender and social justice at the centre of inquiry. It emphasizes the important roles that gender and its relationship to other categories including race, class, sexuality, age, ability, citizenship, geographical location, national identity, etc. play in shaping people’s experiences across the globe. Our faculty and students cross disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, as well as in the natural sciences, business and economics. You’ll graduate from our program with strong skills in critical thinking, research, writing and community engagement. The aim is to engage students in a field that promotes a commitment to practices of leadership and social justice, and ensures that women’s lives are included in the production of knowledge.

York University
Program Name: School of Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies
Programs offered:
Women’s and Gender Studies:

Sexuality Studies

·         Description: Gender and Women's Studies is an interdisciplinary field of study that explores relations of power in the lives of individuals, groups and cultures in multiple settings and sites locally and transnationally.  Our challenging courses on women and gender analyze constructions and intersections of gender, race, class, age, ability and sexuality in popular culture, everyday life, the arts, the sciences, politics, societies, and the economy. We encourage students to engage individually and collectively in the transformative processes of feminist scholarship, practices and politics. Gender and Women's Studies students develop the practical, theoretical, communications, and organization skills to think, write, conduct research and act critically and creatively.  Students will gain the skills necessary to conduct research and transform the knowledge gained into any future career they may choose, including an ongoing career as a graduate student.

Seneca College
Program Name: Women’s Studies
Programs offered: Recognition of Achievement