Nova Scotia

Acadia University
Program: Women’s and Gender studies
Program offered: Major in WGS, Second major option, Minor, and Co-op option
·         Description:  Women's and Gender Studies emphasizes the importance of gender as a category of critical analysis in areas such as scholarly activity, education, social relationships, cultural expression, and politics. Students are encouraged to examine established theoretical frameworks, institutions, ideologies, history, identity, science, language and culture while exploring feminist alternatives. In 1973, Acadia University became one of the first universities in Canada to offer a course in Women's Studies. The course, entitled Women in the Modern World, was the cornerstone of a program which in three decades has developed a multi-disciplinary approach to teaching and research in gender-related issues. Faculty members from the Arts, Pure and Applied Sciences, Education, Kinesiology, and Theatre contribute to the program on a rotational basis. In the WGST program, people commit to lifelong learning journeys, make their ways alone and with others, ask critical questions about gender, sexuality, race, class, and ability, and act for change through feminism, social action, and other pathways of resistance.

Dalhousie University
Program: Gender and Women’s Studies
Program offered: BA Major in GWS, BA Double Major in GWS, and BA Combined Honours in GWS

  • Description: Gender and women’s studies programs provide preparation for careers in a variety of fields, as well as for professional schools or graduate programs. For example, graduates can work as consultants, policy analysts, and officers in government and para-governmental organizations, in business and industry, and in educational institutions. The fields they enter include employment equity, public administration, health care, work-place conditions, personnel relations, publishing and editorial work, and public relations.
  • Department: Coordinator Lisl Gambold Tel: (902) 494- 3689 Email: liesel.

Mount Saint Vincent University
Program: Women’s Studies
Program offered: Major, Combined Major, Honours Degree, Concentration, Minor

  • Description: The Mount has a unique historical connection to the education and advancement of women. To this day, we remain committed to the education of women, and have a well-established women's studies program. Students can declare a minor, major, or honours in the undergraduate women’s studies program. Women’s studies places women’s experiences and knowledge at the centre of critical inquiry. Students in women’s studies courses learn about the ways in which women’s societal position can be transformed. In examining the accomplishments and struggles of women, it considers the complexities of race, class, sexual orientation and ability, from cross-cultural and interdisciplinary perspectives. 
  • Department: Chair Mary Delaney Tel: (902) 457- 6559 Email:

St. Francis Xavier University
Program: Women’s and Gender Studies
Program offered: BA with Advanced Major or Major in WGS, BA with Joint or joint Advanced Major in WGS, Subsidiary in WGS, Minor in WGS, PAIR, Social Justice Colloquium

  • Description: Women’s and Gender Studies at StFX is an interdisciplinary undergraduate program, which provides an academic and community context for scholarly inquiry focusing on gender. You will learn how to use gender as a category of analysis, including reflection on the manifestation of gender in your own life. Intersections of identities such as race, social class, gender, ability and sexuality are explored in the context of everyday life and in society. You will also explore the contributions, connections and insights of Women's and Gender Studies within the academy and beyond.
  • Department: Coordinator Nany Forestell Tel: (902) 867- 3804 Email:

St. Mary’s University
Program: Women’s and Gender Studies
Program offered: Can take courses with focus on WGS and there is a Masters of Arts in WGS

  • Description: The Master of Arts in Women and Gender Studies, offered cooperatively by Mount Saint Vincent and Saint Mary's Universities, emphasizes the interdisciplinary basis of Women and Gender Studies, its community linkages, and its grounding in feminist theories and methods. The program allows graduate students access to a diverse and large faculty with strong research profiles in the study of women, gender, and sexuality in a range of areas, including: cultural and media studies; literary studies; social history; feminist, political, and queer theory; education and knowledge production; health and body studies, religion and spirituality; urban and rural studies; law, regulation, human rights, and social justice; masculinity; race, ethnicity, and class; paid and unpaid labour; the creative arts; migration, citizenship, and formal politics; youth, children, and girlhood studies; and community activism. Faculty and students are trained in and work through multiple disciplinary and interdisciplinary frameworks, and our program offers the exceptional graduate opportunity for extensive individual attention. Consider these numbers: the program has over 50 permanent faculty members and approximately 40 students. The program is enriched by its location in Halifax as Atlantic Canada's cultural and educational capital, access to a variety of library collections and faculty at multiple universities in the city and province, by the presence at MSVU of the Nancy's Chair in Women's Studies and the Canada Research Chair in Gender, and links with active local, national, and international feminist communities.
  • Department: Lindia Smith Tel: (902) 420- 5871 Email:

Nova Scotia Community College
Program: Women Unlimited
Program offered: A free 14 week program, more so a career advancement workshop style program