New Brunswick

Mount Allison University
Program Name: Women’s and Gender studies
Program offered: Minor in WGS

  • Description: Our program offers a Minor in the innovative and exciting field of Women’s and Gender Studies. With an emphasis on interdisciplinary, our courses focus on interlocking issues such as the construction and material consequences of gender, race, sexuality, class, ability, religion, ethnicity, and age. We are committed to teaching with a focus on anti-racism, feminist theory, queer and trans studies, and social justice.  
  • Department: Program Director Leslie Kern Tel: (506) – 364- 2644 Email:

University of New Brunswick Fredericton Campus
Program: Gender & Women’s studies
Programs offered: Minor, Double Major, Joint Honors,

  • Description: UNBF established an interdisciplinary Women’s Studies Program in 1986 to offer students the opportunity to study the experiences and achievements of women, with a view to gaining a more complete and balanced understanding of women’s and men’s lives, both historically and in contemporary society. As our understanding of sex, sexuality, gender, intersectionality, and human rights evolved, our program developed into Gender and Women’s Studies in 2014.
  • Department: Coordinator Carmen Pulin Tel: (506) 458- 7800 Email:

 St Thomas University
Program: Women’s Studies and Gender studies
Programs offered: Major, Honours, Minor

  • Description:  Students explore the idea that identity is constructed through interplay of individuals and social groups and institutions— the family, peers, cultural and religious groups, the media, etc. Courses enable students to learn about the dynamic nature of gender roles and norms, sexism, and power relations. A range of gender equity issues are now recognized as public policy issues, including gender-based violence, bullying, and workplace equity. Whether the focus is social justice, gender studies, or world cultures, the core issues include the social construction of identity, the nature and impact of power relations and diversity, and the role of personal engagement and social action.
  • Department: Marliee Reimer Email: