Brandon University
Program Name: Gender and Women Studies
Programs offered: BA Major and Minor

  • Description: Gender and Women’s Studies (GWS) invites students to challenge prevailing notions of gender and sexualities, and to learn about gender relations as they have been constructed culturally, globally, historically, and institutionally. Through theoretical and practical investigation, students develop the critical knowledge and skills to explore the intersections of gender, sex, race, class, sexuality, (dis)ability, colonialism, imperialism, citizenship, and transnational identity while paying attention to power, oppression, and resistance. Students engage in dialogue about such topics as: feminist and queer activisms, transnational poverty and precarity, diverse masculinities, popular culture and media, reproductive justice, racial politics across borders, and war and violence.
  • Department: Coordinator Lisa Robson Tel: (204)- 727- 7398 Email:

University of Manitoba
Program: Women’s and Gender studies Program
Programs offered: Major, Minor (Concentrated) program, Honours program, Coordinated program with University of Winnipeg)

  • Description: Fundamental questions of equality and social justice are still very much with us, and as a dynamic interdisciplinary program, we explore both current and historical debates about women's experiences, gender relations, and feminism. Courses take diverse theoretical and practical approaches, including feminist cultural studies and studies of popular culture, violence against women, lesbian and queer studies, women in science and technology, gendered violence in urban spaces, sex work and sex workers, feminist geography, indigenous feminisms, masculinity studies, and reconstructing indigenous art histories that recontextualize museum collections and reclaim women's voices and lives
  • Department: Coordinator Shawna Ferris Tel (204) 474- 6984 Email:

University of Winnipeg

Program: Women’s and Gender Studies

Programs offered: 3 degree options: a 3 year BA, a 4 year BA, and honors BA, and a Minor

  • Description: Women’s and Gender Studies promotes an intersectional approach to understanding social problems and phenomena. It pays special attention to the ways sex, gender, and sexuality are shaped by colonialism, racism, ageism, homophobia, and transphobia, as well as by constructions of difference based on class, dis(ability), religion, ethnicity, and culture. Our unique department brings these perspectives to the universality and represents feminists in the academy.  In our classes, students of all genders and sexualities learn about feminist movements to end sexism, exploitation, and related social oppressions. The department encourages diversity among its students and its curriculum, and offers means to contribute to social change.
  • Department: Chair Dr. Sharanpal Ruprai  Email: