University of Alberta
Program Name: Women and Gender Studies Program
Program offered: BA and BSC minor in WGS, a BA major in WGS, an Honours Degree in WGS, as well as Graduate program in WGS

  • Description: The Department of Women’s and Gender Studies is a hub for feminism, social justice studies, and engaged citizenship at the University of Alberta. Our award-winning teachers and researchers offer a wide variety of exciting classes to students from across the University community. Women’s and Gender Studies is a field of study that encourages students to ask big questions about the way that gender impacts how we think, how we live, and how we understand ourselves and others. Though the field historically focused on the lives of women, in the contemporary Women’s and Gender Studies classroom, an emphasis is placed on the ways that gender, race, class, age, sexuality, ability, and size work together. 
  • Department: 1-17 Assiniboia Hall University of Alberta Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2E7 Tel: (780) 248- 1192

Athabasca University
Program Name: Women and Gender Studies Program- Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies
Program offered: BA in WGS and University Certificate in Counselling Women

  • Description: The Women's and Gender Studies program at Athabasca is designed to develop or expand your knowledge of the established field of women's studies and the emerging field of gender studies. You will have the opportunity to engage with a range of feminist theories, concepts, history, methodologies, research, and activism and discover how they inform the diverse lives and experiences of women across cultures. 
  • Department: Administrative Assistant: Susan Stahl

University of Calgary
Program Name: Women Studies- Faculty of Arts
Programs Offered: BA in WGS, BA Honours in WGS, Minor in Womens Studies

  • Description: The program explores the social construction and variability of gender. Power relations linked to race and ethnicity, social class, sexual orientation and ability/disability impact the lives of women on the local and global levels are also examined. Women's Studies students learn feminist theories, analyses, and research methodologies.
  • Department: Women studies coordinator: Joe Kadi (403) 210- 7532

University of Lethbridge
Program Name: Faculty of Arts & Science- Women and Gender Studies
Programs offered: BA in WGS, BA Honours in WGS,  as well as a graduate program
Women and Gender Studies offers graduate education through the Master of Arts program, and encourages students to take the cohort-based Individualized Multisdisciplinary Major (IMMA), with a concentration in Women and Gender Studies.
·         Description: Women & Gender Studies questions the meanings and significance of contemporary gender relations and their histories across class, race, nation, cultures and histories. We study how societies understand and regulate gender. We seek answers to many questions, such as: What are the contemporary debates about gender identities? What does it mean to be a gendered subject? How do the lives and opportunities of women and men differ? Why are changing expressions of gender and sexuality controversial? How do we understand social marginalization exclusion and inclusion? Our department offers the opportunity to explore these and other issues through a wide range of perspectives where you will develop critical thinking skills as you learn theory as practice. In this environment you will explore gender dynamics in popular culture, daily lives, medical discoveries and political developments. We have courses cross-listed with other disciplines in the humanities and social sciences and members of the history and math departments provide courses for us.The University of Lethbridge is committed to the goals of Liberal Education. Women & Gender Studies contributes to these goals through our focus on skills and abilities that include critical and analytic thinking, students can expect to develop good problem-solving skills, effective writing and communication, and the capability to work collaboratively. These are skills that employers want and society needs.

 MacEwan University
Program Name: Gender Studies
Programs Offered: BA or BSC Minor in WGS

Mount Royal University
Program: Women and Gender Studies
Programs offered: Minor in WGS

  • Description: Despite its name, Women’s & Gender Studies is not exclusively about or for women. In fact, people of all sexes and genders take Women’s & Gender Studies courses. Women’s & Gender Studies courses are explicitly feminist in that they put the myriad experiences and perspectives of women, and concerns about racialized, heteronormative gender formations, at the centre of inquiry.The Women’s & Gender Studies Program and faculty here at MRU strive to mobilize the revolutionary potential of Women’s & Gender Studies to achieve social justice by helping students to start thinking about how they can use what they’re learning to change the world. The field of Women’s & Gender Studies began in the 1970s, and today, most universities throughout North America offer Women’s & Gender Studies courses and degrees. The professional association for Women’s Studies in Canada is called the Canadian Women’s Studies Association.
  • Department: Humanities Department Chair: Mark Gardiner (403) 440- 6541 

Okanagan College
Program Name: Gender, Sexuality, and Womens Studies
·         Description: Is there a connection between women's rights and human rights law? Do the depictions of men and women in the media influence our behaviour? Women’s Studies courses address questions like these through an interdisciplinary perspective that includes law, political science, health, media and religious studies. If you want a global understanding of race, class, gender, feminism, sexuality and ethnicity, consider enrolling in one of our wide variety of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies courses.