Executive and Committees

Women's and Gender Studies et Recherches Féministes is managed by an Executive Council composed of elected members of the association. Executive officers are elected for two-year terms at the Annual General Meeting, which is held each year during the association's annual conference, held in conjunction with the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences Federation (CFHSS).

For descriptions of the executive positions, please email us.

Executive Members


President: Connie Guberman, University of Toronto Scarborough (2018-2020)​
Secretary: Annalee Lepp, University of Victoria (2018-2020)
Treasurer: Heather Latimer, University of British Columbia (2018-2020)
Member at Large # 1: Coordinator's Liaison, Shawna Ferris  (2018-2020)
Member at Large # 2: Membership, Jennifer Dyer (2018-2020)
Communications: Eftihia Mihelakis, Brandon University (2019-2020)
Conference: Claire Carter, University of Regina (2019-2020)

President: Connie Guberman, University of Toronto Scarborough (2018-2020)​
Secretary: Annalee Lepp, University of Victoria (2018-2020)
Treasurer: Heather Latimer, University of British Columbia (2018-2020)
Member at Large # 1: Coordinator's Liaison, Shawna Ferris  (2018-2020)

Member at Large # 2: Conference Liaison – Kathryn Trevenen (2017-2019)
Member at Large # 3: Membership, Jennifer Dyer (2018-2020)
Communications: Corinne Mason, Brandon University;  and Tatjana Takseva, Committee Coordinator, Saint Mary's University (2017-2019)
Conference: University of British Columbia (June 1-7, 2019); Postponed due to Covid-19 pandemic
Conference Program Chair: Kathryn Trevenen, University of Ottawa (2017-2019) 

President: Allyson Jule, Trinity Western University (2016-2018) 
President Elect: Connie Guberman, University of Toronto Scarborough (2018-2020)
Secretary: Ilya Parkins, University of British Columbia Okanagan (2015-17)
Treasurer: Heather Latimer, University of British Columbia (2016-2018)
Member at Large #1 – Coordinators’ Liaison: Annalee Lepp, University of Victoria (2016-2018)
Member at Large #2 – Conference Liaison: Katherine Trevenen, University of Ottawa (2017-2019) 
Member at Large #3 - Membership: Ann Braithwaite, University of Prince Edward Island (2016-2018) 
Communications: Corinne Mason, Brandon University, Shannon Stettner, University of Waterloo and Tatjana Takseva, Committee Coordinator, Saint Mary’s University (2017-2019)
Conference: University of Regina (May 26-June 1, 2018)
Conference Program Chair: Kathryn Trevenen, University of Ottawa (2017-2019)
Conference Local Organizer: 
Darlene Juschka

Connie Guberman teaches in the Women’s and Gender Studies Program. Her research interests focus on issues related to violence against women, specifically the impact of violence on learning, institutional responses to violence, and personal safety and urban design. She has been a consultant to municipalities, transit systems and university and college campuses internationally on safety and design.  She was a partner in the community/campus project “Engaging Young People to Prevent Violence Against Women on Campus” funded by Status of Women and is a member of the Advisory Committee to the President and Provost on Preventing and Responding to Sexual Violence. She developed the original Women’s Campus Safety Audit Guide, and co-edited No Safe Place. Violence Against Women in Canada. Connie was the University’s Status of Women Officer from 2002-2011 and the Special Advisor on Equity Issues from 2005-2010, responsible for developing policies on equity, diversity and inclusion. She is active in the community and was recognized as a ‘Canadian Diversity Champion’ by Women of Influence Magazine in 2012, has received the Urban Leadership Award from the Canadian Urban Institute, and the Constance E. Hamilton Award, City of Toronto for her work toward “equitable treatment for women in the areas of planning and violence against women.” 

Heather Latimer is Assistant Professor in Gender & Women’s Studies at the University of British Columbia, Okanagan. Her research focuses on reproductive technologies and politics. Her first book, Reproductive Acts: Sexual Politics in North American Fiction and Film was published by McGill-Queen’s University Press in 2013. She has also published in a number of international journals including Feminist Theory, Modern Fiction Studies, and Social Text. Her current research examines the links between feminist materialism and reproductive futurism.

SECRETARY:  ANNALEE LEPP (term: 2018-2020) 
Annalee Lepp is Associate Professor in the Department of Women’s Studies at the University of Victoria. She has chaired the department since 2005. She was the president of the Canadian Committee on Women’s History (CCWH) in 2000-2001, has been a member of the Executive since 2007, and served on the conference program committee and book prize committee in 2007-2008. She has served as co-editor of Atlantis: Critical Studies in Gender, Culture, and Social Justice (formerly A Journal of Women’s Studies) since 2007. Her research focuses on Canadian gender, family, and legal history and her next planned historical research project will explore the history of beaches. She also has expertise in the area of trafficking in persons, transnational labour migration, and irregular cross-border movements in the international and especially Canadian context. She was the co-founder in 1996 and is the current director of the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW) Canada, a member organization of GAATW whose international secretariat is located in Bangkok, Thailand. Since 1997, she has participated in human trafficking crisis intervention, advocacy, and various funded research projects, including Transnational Migration, Trafficking in Women, and Human Rights: The Canadian Dimension (2002) for which she acted as the project coordinator and co-investigator and which involved researchers in British Columbia, Ontario, St. Petersburg, and Bangkok; and Human Trafficking and the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games (2011) which involved 61 interviews with government and enforcement officials, NGO representatives and front-line workers (working with sex workers, migrant workers, Indigenous youth), and legal advocates.

MEMBER at LARGE #1: Coordinators' Liaison: Shawna Ferris (term: 2018-2020)
Shawna Ferris is Associate Professor and Coordinator of Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Manitoba. She researches and teaches in sex work/prostitution studies, critical race studies, decolonization, and feminist perspectives on violence against women. She also works with local and national activists and artists in these areas. Most recently, her work has appeared in Feminist Media Studiesand Public; and she is the author of Sex Work and Canadian Cities: Resisting a Dangerous Order(2015). She is currently at work on SSHRC-funded projects to develop, build, and examine further possibilities for community activist digital archives, archival decolonization, and the recording of marginalized histories. She also (very occasionally) blogs with one of her research partners at The Whore and The Feminist. 

MEMBER at LARGE #2 Conference Liaison: Kathryn Trevenen (term: 2017-2019)

MEMBER at LARGE #3 Membership Coordinator: Jennifer Dyer (term: 2018-2020)  

COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE: CORINE MASON, and TATJANA TAKSEVA, committee coordinator (term: 2017-2019)
Corinne Mason  is an Associate Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies and Sociology at Brandon University. She received her PhD (2013) from the Institute of Feminist and Gender Studies at the University of Ottawa, a Master’s from the Women’s and Gender Studies Institute at the University of Toronto (2009), and a BAH (2008) from Queen’s University in Global Development Studies. Her work has been published in Feminist FormationsInternational Feminist Journal of PoliticsFeminist Media, Feminist Teacher, Atlantis: Critical Studies in Gender, Culture & Social Justice, Critical Studies in Media CommunicationSurveillance & Society, and Canadian Journal of Communication. She is the author of Manufacturing Urgency: Violence Against Women and the Development Industry (University of Regina Press, 2017) and the editor of the forthcoming collection Queer Development Studies: A Reader(Routledge). Corinne is a faculty advisor for the LGBTTQ and Women’s collectives, and the Gender and Women’s Studies Alliance. She founded and leads Brandon University’s Positive Space campaign.

Tatjana Takševa is Associate Professor of English and Women and Gender Studies at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Canada.  She has published in the field of motherhood studies, on a range of topics such as motherhood and consumerism, motherhood and teaching, intensive mothering practices, maternal ambivalence and empowered mothering, as well as in the area of Renaissance literature and multiculturalism, cross-cultural communication and digital media.  Her current research is focused on the recent Balkan war and the enforced impregnation of women in the rape camps. In her work, she seeks to de-pathologize the maternal practice of women who are mothering children born of war rape, to critique normative ideologies of motherhood and to analyze the complex constructions of ethnicity in children born of war rape in the Balkans.  She is the editor and contributor to Mothers Under Fire: Mothering in Conflict Zones, with Arlene Sgoutas (Demeter Press, 2015), and a long-standing active member of the Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement. She  is a member of a SSHRC-funded research team working on wartime rapes and transgenerational trauma in post-WWII Germany and post-conflict Bosnia, and a member of the Central and Eastern European Studies Research Group – Groupe de recherche en études de l’Europe Centrale et de l’Est at the University of Ottawa. She has presented her research on motherhood and the Bosnian rape camps at a number of national and international public and scholarly forums.


Rebekah Hutten; McGill University - Creative Communications (website, emails, social media) 
Shamika Shabnam; McMaster University 



Alissa Overend,  McEwan University; Corinne Mason, Brandon University; and Ann Braithwaite. University of Prince Edward Island

Kathryn Trevenen (trevenen@uottawa.ca
Sharlee Cranston-Reimer
Roewan Crowe
Jebunessa Chapola
Allyson Jule (Allyson.Jule@twu.ca)
Ela Przybylo (eprzyca@yahoo.ca)
Habiba Zaman 
Kimberly Williams 
Claire Carter
Lisa Armstrong
​Reema Faris 

Kim Williams (kawilliams@mtroyal.ca)
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Alissa Overend (OverendA@macewen.ca)
Liz Groeneveld (egroenev@odu.edu)
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Jennifer Johnson (jljohnson@laurentian.ca)
Anne Quema, Hans Rollman, Marie Lovrod, Heather Latimer

Emma McKenna, Thea Cacchioni, Amber Dean, Jackie Newman, Kathleen Cummins

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